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Ninja Vanish

January 2018

A 2-4 player multiplayer battle between ninjas who cannot be seen unless they allow themselves to.
Made in 48 hours for the 2018 Global Game Jam with the theme Transmission.

Elbow Room

April 2015

A game made for the Edinboro Game Expo in 2015. Game Centers around two players sharing a single controller to play.

Super Crate Hoarder

August 2018

A Super Crate Box clone with a twist, any crates collected stay on the screen and become obstacles/platforms.
Made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 42 with the theme Running out of space.

Hippo Hop

November 2014

My first released game. Inspiration came from flappy bird. A project made over a month period in college in Unity3D

Rap Battle Bot

A twitter bot that rap battles you as you @mention it. Uses Wordnik API to grab a rhyming word with the last word of your tweet and then uses its part of speech to place it in an appropriate pre-written line.